Most Popular Crypto Apps 2024

Most Popular Crypto Apps 2024

Cryptocurrency Goes Mainstream: The Top Crypto Apps of 2024

Crypto assets have exploded into the mainstream in 2024, with major brands and retailers now accepting payments in digital currencies. As crypto adoption grows, a new generation of user-friendly Popular Crypto Apps 2024 is driving this mainstream breakout by making blockchain accessible for everyday users.

From investing to shopping and decentralized finance, these groundbreaking crypto apps are reshaping markets and making cryptocurrency an integral part of daily life. Keep reading for an inside look at the trailblazing crypto apps leading the blockchain revolution in 2024.

Investment Apps – The New Gateways to Crypto

Investment Apps - The New Gateways to Crypto

Across the globe, investment apps have become the first stop for new cryptocurrency investors. By simplifying the onboarding process to just a few clicks, these ingenious apps provide easy access to top cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins.

Platforms like Coinbase,, and FTX have emerged as category leaders thanks to slick interfaces, educational resources for beginners, and comprehensive market data. Features like staking, savings accounts, debit cards, and more also allow users to earn attractive yields on holdings.

With incumbents like Robinhood and Venmo jumping into crypto offerings, the investment app category will only become more competitive moving forward. Ultimately, consumers win – as convenience and usability drive the next wave of adoption.

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Top Popular Crypto Apps 2024

1: Bitrefill

Bitrefill has emerged as a leader in the crypto shopping app category since its launch in 2014. The platform allows users to purchase gift cards for a variety of brands and products using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. One standout feature that sets Bitrefill apart is its enormous selection – offering gift cards from over 1650 popular brands including Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, and Home Depot.

The app also provides mobile phone refills for prepaid plans across 600 carriers in over 170 countries. This gives crypto holders a practical way to utilize Bitcoin for recurring monthly expenses. Bitrefill aims to be a simple fiat on-ramp/off-ramp solution for those earning income in crypto, including freelancers working for Bitcoin. The team is dedicated to constant innovation and has built out a robust API to allow businesses and developers to integrate gift card and mobile refill functionality powered by cryptocurrencies.

2: Fold – Popular Crypto App of 2024

Fold first popularized crypto rewards in 2019 by offering Bitcoin back on gift card purchases at major retailers. The Fold app lets shoppers connect a Bitcoin wallet and then browse deals offering up to 20% back in Bitcoin on brands like Starbucks, Uber, Target, Whole Foods, and Best Buy.

The Fold card links directly to a user’s Bitcoin balance for contactless spending in-store, while gift cards load into a user’s app wallet for easy digital redemption. Fold also has a browser extension that automatically applies available rewards when shopping at partner merchants online. This automated functionality makes stacking crypto savings completely frictionless.

3: Lolli

As one of the earliest crypto cashback apps, Lolli made waves by offering up to 30% back in Bitcoin on purchases from over 1400 online stores. Lolli touts an extensive list of premium partners including Walmart,, VRBO,, and Sephora.

The browser extension identifies eligible products that have opted into Lolli rewards campaigns when shopping online.

4: StormShop – Future Changing App in Crypto World

StormShop brings a fresh spin to crypto shopping by focusing exclusively on small businesses and linking multiple forms of crypto rewards. Users can browse and discover local stores offering anywhere from 1-20% back in Bitcoin, Ethereum, StormX loyalty tokens, and other coins.

These Apps are build on this model by partnering with major brands. Shopping via the apps provides anywhere from 3% to 30% crypto cashback from the likes of Nike, Sephora,, and Ebay. Loyalty programs also let shoppers accumulate Satoshis (small units of Bitcoin) with each purchase.

Decentralized Finance Apps – Banking Reinvented

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is transforming banking by replacing middlemen with smart contracts. DeFi apps are now delivering those same disruptive services in slick mobile and web interfaces.

From decentralized exchanges (DEXes) like Uniswap to lending apps like Aave, DeFi apps mirror traditional financial services, only without custodial intermediaries. Perks include higher interest rates for lenders, lower fees for traders, and no paperwork requirements.

As DeFi bridges the gap between blockchain pros and everyday users, apps from leading protocols like Aave, Compound Finance, and PoolTogether are making this technical arena more intuitive. Watch for decentralized insurance, asset management, and more financial use cases to gain traction through these pioneering platforms.

Cryptocurrency apps can benefit from Localization

There are many ways:

  1. Translating the app interface: Localizing the app interface into different languages expands the potential user base.
  2. Adapting for local payment methods: Supporting popular regional payment methods helps users easily fund crypto purchases.
  3. Adhering to local compliance/regulations: Every region has different rules and regulations for crypto. App localization complies properly in each target market.
  4. Providing region-specific coins/tokens: Supporting cryptocurrencies popular in certain geographies expands relevance there.
  5. Localization of marketing efforts: Creating marketing campaigns adapted to language and cultural nuances of each locale can better drive adoption in those areas.

NFT and GameFi Apps – Digital Assets Go Mobile

non-fungible tokens

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) took the world by storm in 2021 as crypto artworks, collectibles and digital merchandise. Now in 2024, NFT and GameFi apps are making true ownership of these digital assets a reality for mobile users.

Showcase apps like OpenSea give users a wallet-connected portal to buy, sell and mint NFTs directly from their smartphone. Gaming apps like The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Splinterlands let players truly own in-game assets, take them between metaverse worlds, and monetize gameplay.

As architects of the open metaverse, these apps foreshadow a digital future where users can bring items between immersive 3D worlds – from avatars to vehicles, lands, and buildings. 2024 is only scratching the surface of what NFT and GameFi apps will achieve.

Shopping and Lifestyle Crypto Apps – Spend Like It’s Bitcoin

From travel bookings to gift cards and consumer products, crypto-back shopping apps are rewarding users for purchases with Bitcoin and other coins through cashback and loyalty programs.

Along with crypto credit cards from BlockFi,, and Coinbase, these Popular Crypto Apps 2024 make crypto rewards part of everyday spending. The convenience will drive further adoption by paying people to spend just like they normally would using digital currencies.



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