Myrtle Beach Property Trends: A Haven Beckons Retirees

Myrtle Beach Property Trends

Myrtle Beach, a name synonymous with sun-drenched beaches, world-class golf courses, and a vibrant tourist scene, has quietly become a haven for retirees. Retirees seeking an active lifestyle, affordability, and access to amenities are flocking to this South Carolina gem. Understanding the current property trends in Myrtle Beach is crucial for retirees considering this idyllic coastal destination.

Market on the Rise: Strong Demand Pushes Prices Up

The Myrtle Beach property market is experiencing a boom.  Fueled by a surge in demand from retirees and second-home buyers, property values have been steadily increasing.  According to Mashvisor, a real estate data analytics firm, the average price per square foot in Myrtle Beach has seen a significant rise, currently hovering around $190 [3]. This increase reflects a robust market with a premium placed on property in this sought-after location.

Single-Family Homes Reign Supreme

While condos have traditionally been popular in Myrtle Beach, single-family homes are witnessing a remarkable surge in popularity.  Retirees seeking more space, privacy, and a sense of ownership are driving this trend.  Many new developments catering specifically to retirees are popping up, offering single-family homes with low-maintenance exteriors and amenities like clubhouses and swimming pools.

Second Homes Fueling the Market

A significant portion of the property buying activity in Myrtle Beach is driven by second-home purchases.  A 2023 study by SmartAsset revealed that the Myrtle Beach metro area ranked among the top 10 most popular places for second homes. This trend is fueled by retirees who want a coastal escape without giving up their primary residence.  The prospect of generating rental income during peak tourist seasons further incentivizes second-home ownership.

Choosing Your Myrtle Beach Paradise

Myrtle Beach boasts diverse neighborhoods, each catering to a specific lifestyle preference.  Here’s a glimpse into some popular areas for retirees:

Active Adult Communities: 

Gated communities offer a strong sense of community, social activities, and on-site amenities like fitness centers and golf courses. Popular options include Del Webb at Grande Dunes and Waterside at Grande Dunes.

Beachfront Bliss: 

Living directly on the beach offers unparalleled access to the ocean and breathtaking views. However, expect a higher price tag and potential challenges with noise and beach erosion.

The Murrells Inlet Vibe: 

This charming town offers a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere compared to the hustle and bustle of Myrtle Beach. It’s known for its beautiful scenery, world-class fishing, and proximity to golf courses.

The Conway Compromise: 

Located inland from Myrtle Beach, Conway offers a lower cost of living and a more traditional Southern small-town feel. Retirees seeking a slower pace and affordability will find Conway appealing.

Beyond the Beach: Considering Long-Term Factors

While the allure of the beach is undeniable, retirees should consider other factors before making a purchase decision.

Flood Zones: Myrtle Beach is susceptible to flooding. Understanding flood zones and potential risks is crucial before buying.

Seasonal Fluctuations: The tourist influx during peak seasons can lead to increased traffic and noise. Consider how this might impact your lifestyle.

Tax Implications: Research property taxes and potential tax benefits for retirees in South Carolina.

Healthcare Availability: Access to quality healthcare is essential. Myrtle Beach boasts several hospitals and medical facilities catering to retirees.

Working with a Realtor: Your Trusted Guide

Navigating the Myrtle Beach property market can be challenging, especially for newcomers.  Partnering with a local, experienced realtor specializing in the retiree market is highly recommended.  They can provide invaluable insights into specific neighborhoods, property values, and potential pitfalls.

Financing Options:  

While there are many financing options available, some lenders may have stricter requirements for retirees.  It’s crucial to research mortgage options and secure pre-approval before starting your house hunt.

Considering Selling Your Existing Home?  

Companies such as can offer a quick and hassle-free solution to sell your current property before making the move to Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach Awaits

With its stunning beaches, vibrant atmosphere, and growing retiree community, Myrtle Beach offers a compelling proposition for those seeking an idyllic coastal retirement. Understanding current property trends, considering your long-term needs, and partnering with the right professionals will ensure a smooth transition to your dream retirement haven in Myrtle Beach.


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