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What is Next Exam Tak? An Ultimate Exam Preparation Platform

Next Exam Tak has emerged as one of the most popular YouTube channels for exam preparation in Pakistan. With over 8 million subscribers and 1 billion+ views, Next Exam Tak has become a go-to destination for students aspiring for competitive exams like CSS, PPSC, FPSC, NTS, UPSC, and university entrance tests.

Overview of Next Exam Tak

Next Exam Tak is Founded in 2016, it creates helpful video tutorials and study materials covering major exam subjects – including Mathematics, English, Urdu, Islamiat, Pakistan Studies, and General Knowledge.

The channel features experienced educators and mentors who share their insights on cracking these exams. Their videos simplify complex concepts using real-world examples that resonate with students. Practice questions, mock tests, and interview guidance further augment the learning.

Benefits of Using Next Exam Tak

Benefits of Using Next Exam Tak

Here are some of the key benefits offered by Next Exam Tak:

Quality Content

Next Exam Tak publishes extensively researched study materials and video lectures curated by industry experts. The content is regularly updated to align with evolving exam syllabi and patterns. This ensures students have access to the latest preparation resources and there are some systems such as gu icloud for students and faculty in USA.

Expert Guidance

The channel provides aspirants a unique opportunity to learn from accomplished educators who are well-versed with exam requirements. Their tips and tricks can give students an extra edge to crack these highly competitive tests.

Community Support

An active subscriber community on Next Exam Tak fosters discussions around problem-solving and clearing doubts. The camaraderie and success stories shared in comments keep students motivated.


As all resources are freely available on YouTube, students can access high-quality content without paying any subscription fees. This makes quality coaching accessible to all.


The availability of Next Exam Tak across devices makes learning flexible and efficient. Students can study at their own pace, revising complex topics as needed.

Key Factors for Exam Preparation

Here are some key aspects students should focus on while using Next Exam Tak:

Concept Clarity

It’s vital to build strong conceptual foundations before attempting practice questions. Next Exam Tak’s video tutorials break down concepts using relatable examples, helping cement understanding.

Extensive Practice

After understanding concepts, students must attempt as many practice questions as possible. Next Exam Tak provides topic-wise MCQs, mock interviews, and full-length sample papers for practice.

Time Management

With most competitive exams being time-bound, managing time effectively is critical. Next Exam Tak’s timed mock tests train students to complete papers within stipulated timeframes.

Exam-Centric Content

The channel’s content is specially designed keeping exam requirements in mind. Students can focus on relevant topics and skip fluff.


Preparing for these challenging exams requires strong willpower. Next Exam Tak uses success stories and encouragement to keep students persevering.

Popularity and Reach of Next Exam Tak

The extensive subscriber base and viewership highlight Next Exam Tak’s popularity among serious aspirants:

8 Million+ Subscribers

As of January 2024, the channel has over 8 million subscribers – indicating the trust and satisfaction among students. Many follow the channel for regular updates.

1 Billion+ Lifetime Views

The cumulative views on Next Exam Tak’s 3000+ videos exceed 1 billion. Such exceptional viewership statistics showcase the wide reach and adoption of this platform across Pakistan.

13 Crore+ Watch Time Hours

Total watch time on the channel adds up to 13 crore+ hours. This shows users spend a substantial amount of time going through the video resources – underlining their depth and usefulness for students.

Recommendations and Word of Mouth

Beyond numbers, positive word-of-mouth through student testimonials acts as an endorsement. Seniors and educators often recommend Next Exam Tak for cracking competitive tests.

Why is Next Exam Tak So Popular?

Why is Next Exam Tak So Popular

What explains Next Exam Tak’s astounding growth and popularity? Here are the key reasons:

Trusted Brand Image

By delivering high-quality content for years, Next Exam Tak has established itself as a trusted and dependable brand. Aspirants bank upon the channel as a one-stop solution for their prep needs.

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Experienced Educators

The mentors associated with Next Exam Tak have themselves cleared various competitive tests. Their insights perfectly resonate with students’ needs and concerns.

Engaging Video Format

Complex study material transformed into crisp and engaging videos makes learning fun and effective. Students find video tutorials less intimidating and easier to follow.

Active Social Community

A vibrant subscriber community fosters discussions around problem-solving and collective growth. The comments section provides peer support and motivation needed on difficult days.

Track Record of Success

Hundreds of success stories on clearing prestigious exams after following Next Exam Tak validate its effectiveness. This builds further trust and loyalty among students.


In a Final, Next Exam Tak has redefined access, affordability, and excellence in competitive exam coaching in Pakistan. By regularly uploading well-researched and exam-oriented video lectures, it has organically built a vast following of motivated students over the years. If current growth trends continue, it is on the path to becoming Pakistan’s most sought-after online platform for exam prep.

Frequently Asked Questions about Next Exam Tak

Here are 10 frequently asked questions about Next Exam Tak along with answers:

  1. What is Next Exam Tak?

Next Exam Tak is an exam preparation platform focused on helping students prepare for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, CAT etc.

  1. When was Next Exam Tak launched?

Next Exam Tak was launched in 2018 by a team of IIT alumni and education experts.

  1. What exam preparations does Next Exam Tak offer?

Next Exam Tak offers preparation for JEE Main & Advanced, NEET, CAT, GATE, UPSC and other major competitive exams through its courses, mock tests and study material.

  1. Does Next Exam Tak offer online or offline coaching?

Next Exam Tak offers primarily online exam preparation through its website and mobile apps. However, it also has some offline centers in select cities.

  1. What makes Next Exam Tak stand out?

Key differentiators for Next Exam Tak include its focus on conceptual clarity through video lectures, personalized doubt solving, adaptive mock AI tests and analysis of student progress using data science.

  1. How much does it cost to take a Next Exam Tak course?

Course fee at Next Exam Tak starts from Rs 5,000 and goes up depending on the exam, course material and duration of access. Various scholarship options are also available.

  1. Does Next Exam Tak offer free content?

Yes, Next Exam Tak offers some free study material, sample video lectures, mock tests and guidance to give a taste of its offerings.

  1. What experts are associated with Next Exam Tak?

The core team and faculty at Next Exam Tak comprises alumni from IITs, AIIMS, UPSC toppers and experienced educators from top institutes.

  1. Is there an app for Next Exam Tak?

Yes, Next Exam Tak has iOS, Android as well as Windows apps to access its study material and tests on-the-go.

  1. What are the future plans for Next Exam Tak?

The startup plans to expand its exam offerings, vernacular language support, new product features leveraging latest technology and grow its mentor team to service more exam aspirants.



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