The Best Way to Buy Tea Online: Tea Powder Buying Guide

The Best Way to Buy Tea Online: Tea Powder Buying Guide

Buying tea online is great! You get to enjoy the convenience of ordering your favourite tea products online and have them delivered to your home. However, you must ensure to avoid going wrong when buying tea online, especially if you are new to ordering tea online as there are a lot of fraudulent websites and online stores. 

Here are some simple best practices that we recommend following to choose a popular and trustworthy online tea store and order from it.

How to Choose the Best Tea Website/Online Store?

To buy tea online without risks, the first step is to choose a proper online tea store. Be cautious of the link or URL structure of the online tea website. Genuine and secure online stores of tea brands, like Naturolled Tea, have the https extension. Refer to any online technical guide and you’ll learn that HTTPS is a secure version of the world-standard HTTP URL extension.

The https extension indicates that the website uses an SSL certificate that prevents hackers from stealing customer information.

Another important factor to consider when exploring websites to buy tea is to ensure that the online store has a secure payment partner. Third-party payment gateway platforms like RazorPay ensure maximum protection when making payment online. It ensures that your payment information is not stored and only temporarily used.

How to Choose the Right Tea Packet Sizes?

Choosing the right packet sizes when ordering tea online depends on two factors; the type of tea you want to buy and how often you prepare tea at home. For example, if you are interested in buying premium tea online and prefer to prepare tea only occasionally, such as celebrations during International Tea Day, you can choose small to medium-sized packs with size ranging from 100 grams to 250 grams.

On the other hand, if you are a regular tea drinker and prepare tea at home every single day, you can choose 1kg or other large-sized packets that can last through the month. In fact, choosing large-sized packs will help you save more on your tea purchases as opposed to smaller packs.

How to Choose the Best Tea Quality Online?

Lastly, the one step you should not miss out on when order tea online is to choose the best quality. If you are buying tea powder products like CTC tea, make sure it has the best CTC tea grades, such as BOPSM, BP, and OF. These CTC tea grades produce a strong red liquor and makes your milk tea taste robust and flavourful.

And if you are buying leaf teas like Green Tea and Orthodox tea, make sure that they are in whole leaf form. Compared to broken leaves, whole leaves release the best natural flavour with hints of musky aroma and muscatel taste. Also, make sure to choose whole leaf teas sourced from world-renowned Darjeeling and Assam tea gardens.



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