Wear you Like a necklace : Learn to Wear Necklaces Every Day with Confidence

Necklaces are a classic accessory that can instantly elevate any outfit. From dainty chains to bold statement pieces, necklaces allow you to express your personal style. However, Wear you Like a necklace, especially bolder statement pieces, can feel intimidating if you’re not used to them.

The good news is that with a few simple tips, you can learn to wear necklaces with confidence every day. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know, from necklace terminology to layering and styling tricks. Soon you’ll be stepping out in eye-catching necklaces that make any outfit truly pop.

The Origin and Popularity of the Phrase

The exact origin of the phrase “wear you like a necklace” is unclear, but it seems to have become more widely used in song lyrics and on social media over the past decade. Songs like “Necklace” by hip hop artist Lloyd and “Around Your Neck” by R&B singer Tink have helped popularize similar phrases that compare a loved one to a close-fitting piece of jewelry.

The phrase evokes a sense of intimacy and closeness. Just as a necklace hangs directly against one’s skin, “wearing someone like a necklace” suggests keeping that person constantly close to your heart. As the phrase has spread online and in music, more people have begun using it to affectionately describe their closest friends and romantic partners.

The Intimate Nature of Necklaces

To understand the meaning behind this phrase, it helps to examine some of the intimate qualities associated with necklaces:

Close to the Heart

Necklaces lay directly above the heart when worn. So wearing someone “like a necklace” indicates that they’re held in a position of great affection and importance in your life. They’re someone you keep emotionally close at all times.

A Constant Presence

Unlike other jewelry that may be taken off and put away, necklaces often remain on for months or years without being removed. They’re with you when sleeping, working, exercising, etc. So comparing someone to a necklace suggests they’re a constant presence in your activities and thoughts.

Sentimental Value

Necklaces often signify connections and hold sentimental meaning, especially when given as gifts. So wearing someone “like a necklace” conveys that they’re someone cherished who holds special value in your life.

Intimate Touch

The way necklaces make direct contact with skin adds to the intimate connotations. Letting jewelry that close is often reserved just for the most trusted and special bonds in someone’s inner circle.

What It Means to “Wear Someone Like a Necklace”

Taking the intimate qualities of necklaces into account, saying that you “wear someone like a necklace” generally expresses:

A Very Close Bond

It signals that your relationship, whether platonic or romantic, is extremely intimate and enduring. The other person is among your very nearest and dearest connections.


You place great importance on your bond with this cherished person, keeping them high among your priorities. Their needs and wellbeing concern and affect you.

Constant Consideration

They’re someone you keep in mind and close to your heart at all times. You carry them with you — physically if apart but at least mentally/emotionally wherever you go.

Affection and Endearment

“Wearing you like a necklace” conveys deep fondness and care for someone. It’s an endearment stemming from tender affection. You love and value having them close.

So in short, calling someone your necklace expresses they’re an extraordinarily special person you want to keep close at all times. It beautifully symbolizes bonding that’s intimate, tender, constant and cherished above all else.

Examples of Using “Wear You Like a Necklace”

Here are some examples of circumstances when someone might use the phrase “wear you like a necklace”:

Long-Term Partners

Couples in highly committed, long-term relationships will often describe their devotion by saying they “wear” their partner or spouse “like a necklace” near their heart. It captures their extreme affection and unwillingness to ever part.

Best Friends

Superlatives like “best friend” still may not fully convey the depth of connection with your closest confidante or soul sister. Comparing them to a precious necklace you proudly display can better symbolize this cherished, lifelong bond.

Family Members

Familial bonds often run supremely deep. Parents may say this about children they love beyond measure or siblings can use the phrase to affirm their extremely tight life-long ties to each other. “Wearing you like a necklace” perfectly encapsulates this blood bond.


Someone nursing an intense crush often feels they can’t get the person off their mind. It’s like they imaginatively wear them around the neck at all times! “I wear my crush on you like a necklace” captures these constant affectionate thoughts about someone all day long.

So whether you have found your soulmate partner, best friend for life, beloved child or family member, or can’t stop thinking about a captivating crush, comparing them to a necklace you symbolically keep close perfectly expresses the intensity and endurance of the bond you share.

Overview of Wear you Like a Necklace

Jewelry Terms To Know

Before diving into specific necklace types and how to wear them, it’s helpful to understand some key jewelry vocabulary:

  • Pendant: A hanging charm, gemstone, or decorative piece suspended from a necklace.
  • Chain: The cord, link, or band that the pendant hangs from. Common chain types include box chain, Singapore chain, cable chain, and more.
  • Choker: A tight-fitting necklace that sits high on the neck.
  • Bib: A bold, decorative necklace meant to draw attention to the neck and upper chest area.
  • Statement: An eye-catching, attention-grabbing necklace.
  • Layering: Wearing multiple necklaces together in a stacked or layered look.

How to wear you like a necklace with different Style

Statement necklaces are all about making a bold fashion statement. When wearing them, you’ll want the necklace to be the focal point of your look.

Match Your Neckline

Consider the neckline of your top when choosing a statement necklace. A plunging neckline pairs nicely with a long statement pendant, while a crew neckline can beautifully frame an ornate collar-style necklace.

For example, the Abigail Necklace would look gorgeous with a scoop or sweetheart neckline. The Eliza Necklace is perfect for accentuating a V-neck.

Keep Other Accessories Simple

When wearing a statement necklace, keep other jewelry, accessories, and clothing simple and minimal. Avoid bold earrings, stacks of bangle bracelets, or loud prints. The statement necklace should take center stage. Consider a basic sheath dress, neutral pumps, and simple stud earrings to perfectly complement an ornate statement necklace.

Have Fun and Break “Rules”

Most importantly, have fun with statement necklaces and don’t be afraid to break traditional styling “rules.” If you love mixing metals or patterns, go for it! The confidence you exude when wearing pieces you love can’t be beat.

Layering Necklaces

Layering dainty chains and pendants is an easy way to elevate basic outfits with minimal effort. Follow these tips for creating a coordinated layered necklace look.

Vary Lengths

For the most flattering look, layer necklaces in varying lengths. For example, try a choker with a mid-length chain with a long pendant. Having too many pieces at the same length can look bulky and overwhelming.

Mix Metals and Stones

Don’t be afraid to mix metals and stones when layering. Combining complementary tones like silver and gold or pairing gems like turquoise with pearl can create visually interesting palettes. Just be sure varying metals and stones coordinate with your outfit.

Start with a Base Chain

Begin your necklace layering with a lightweight base chain, like a box chain, in a metal that matches your other pieces. This anchors the look. Then, add on various pendants, charms, chains, and chokers to build up your layers.

Statement Necklaces For All

When styled properly You first need thought about Why Don’t Indians Wear Deodorant?, Deodorant use is not as common in India as it is in Western countries. statement necklaces work beautifully on all body types. Consider the following when choosing statement pieces:

Petite Frames

Avoid overpowering petite frames with ultra bold chokers or bibs. Look for smaller pendants with delicate chains. Long Y-shaped necklaces also complement petite figures nicely.

Plus Size

Curvy girls can rock voluminous statement necklaces beautifully. Just be sure to find pieces with adjustable clasps or chains to ensure a comfortable fit. Bib and collar statement styles are particularly striking on full busts.

Inverted Triangle Frames

If you have broad shoulders and smaller hips, balance your shape with crescent-shaped statement necklaces that add volume around your décolletage. Avoid boxy bib necklaces.

No matter your body shape, the most important rule is to choose statement necklaces you feel confident and beautiful wearing. When you exude self-assurance, any piece looks like it was made for you.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, necklaces serve as the perfect accessory for injecting personality into any outfit. Follow the tips above to help demystify the process of wear you like a necklace with total confidence.

Layering delicate chains is an easy way to dip your toes in the water if bold statements feel intimidating. And when you’re ready take the plunge with that show-stopping statement piece you’ve been eyeing, rest assured understanding proper placement and styling helps ensure it looks like a million bucks.

Soon you’ll forget what your outfits looked like without these gorgeous finishing touches. Have fun exploring new necklace styles and let your inner fashionista shine!

Frequently Asked Questions about wear you like a necklace

Here are 10 frequently asked questions and answers about the phrase “wear you like a necklace”:

  1. What does it mean to say “I wear you like a necklace”?
    Saying “I wear you like a necklace” means that person is very special to you. You keep them close to your heart at all times, like a cherished necklace.
  2. Is “wear you like a necklace” a romantic phrase?
    Yes, “wear you like a necklace” is often used to express romantic attachment, love and intimacy between partners. However, it can describe close platonic bonds too.
  3. Where did the phrase “wear you like a necklace” originate from?
    The exact origin is unclear, but it became popularized through song lyrics and social media use over the last decade. Songs like Lloyd’s “Necklace” have helped popularize wearing someone metaphorically like jewelry.
  4. Why is a necklace used in the metaphor?
    A necklace hangs intimately close to one’s heart when worn. This matches how the phrase conveys keeping someone constantly close emotionally and prioritizing them above all else.
  5. How is a necklace different from other jewelry in this metaphor?
    Unlike rings or bracelets that may be removed, necklaces often stay on for months or years without taking them off. This matches the enduring, inseparable bond the phrase describes.
  6. How can I use “wear you like a necklace” in a sentence?
    Responses like “I wear you like a necklace, always close to my heart” or “You know I’ll wear you like a necklace baby, for the rest of our lives” capture the deep affection and loyalty the phrase is meant to convey.
  7. Is this phrase outdated or still popular today?
    “Wear you like a necklace” remains a contemporary phrase often seen on social media captions and used in modern song lyrics to describe meaningful bonds and connections.
  8. Can friends say “I wear you like a necklace” platonically?
    Yes, best friends or even siblings use this phrase to symbolize the profound lifelong bond and closeness of their treasured friendship or family tie.
  9. Do people actually wear real necklaces with their loved one’s name?
    Yes, some couples do wear jewelry like necklaces or bracelets engraved with their partner’s name as a physical symbol reinforcing this emotional metaphor.
  10. What makes “wear you like necklace” more special than saying “I love you”?
    While less direct, this creative metaphor often resonates more vividly. The novelty of comparing a lover to intimate jewelry creatively reinforces the depth and intimacy of the bond.

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