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What is activate? is a popular link shortening service that allows users to shorten long YouTube video URLs into abbreviated activate links. When someone types a link into their browser, it will redirect them to the full YouTube video URL.

For example, if you have a long YouTube video URL like:

You can use to shorten it to:

The shortened link still leads to the same YouTube video, but it’s much cleaner and easier to share or remember.

Why you may see “ activate”

Sometimes when you try to visit a link, you may see a message saying “ activate.”

There are a couple reasons why this happens:

1. The link has expired links automatically expire if they are not used for a certain period of time, usually between 90-120 days. This is done to free up shortened URLs for reuse. If you try to visit an expired link, you will see the “ activate” message.

The owner of the original link can reactivate it by logging into their account. If you do not own the link, you cannot reactivate it. Experience seamless communication with Webmail.Sunpharma your gateway to efficient and secure email services. Stay connected and organized with user-friendly features tailored for Sun Pharma employees. Elevate your professional communication effortlessly with Webmail.Sunpharma.

2. The link was deactivated

The owner of a link has the ability to deactivate their own link at any time. If you try to visit a deactivated link, you will see the “ activate” message.

Only the owner can reactive a deactivated link. Deactivating is useful if the owner no longer wants to redirect traffic to a particular YouTube video.

What to do if you see “ activate”

If you land on the “ activate” page, here is what you should do:

  • Double check that you entered the URL correctly. Oftentimes a minor typo can lead to this page.
  • If the URL is correct, understand that the link has either expired or been deactivated by its owner.
  • Try searching for the YouTube video title in YouTube’s search bar to find the video you were looking for.
  • Contact the person who originally shared the link with you and ask them to send an updated link if available.

Unfortunately there is nothing an outside user can do to reactivate or renew the link. You will have to obtain a new working link from the original sharer.

How link shorteners like work

To understand why you sometimes land on “ activate,” it helps to know how link shorteners like actually work behind the scenes.

When you shorten a link with, it generates a unique abbreviated URL that redirects to your original long URL (in this case, a YouTube video). stores these redirects on their servers.

When someone types in the shortened link, looks up the URL it is supposed to redirect to, and forwards the user to that destination.

However, if that redirect expiration expires or is deactivated, no longer has an associated destination to forward you to. This is why you land on the generic “ activate” page instead.

Benefits of shortened links

Link shorteners like have become popular because they offer many benefits:

  • Cleaner, more shareable links
  • Easy way to track clicks
  • Branding and customization options
  • Ability to deactivate or update redirects

However, the reliance on a third party service is a tradeoff. If that service fails or removes the redirects, shortened links break.

The myapps tesla offers a glimpse of this exciting future. Tesla aims to go far beyond transportation into a completely connected, personalized mobility experience. alternatives is just one of many URL shorteners available. Here are some popular alternatives:

  • Bitly – Well known reliable shortener
  • TinyURL – One of the first shorteners, simple and easy to use
  • Rebrandly – Customizable and analytics focused
  • Owly – Useful specifically for shortening YouTube links
  • – YouTube’s own built-in shortener

The same concept applies though – behind the scenes these services create a redirect that can break. All shorteners involve some risk of links failing.

Conclusion of activate

That covers the details around why you may sometimes see the “ activate” message and what you can do about it.

To summarize:

  • is a popular link shortener specifically for YouTube
  • Expired and deactivated links result in the “activate” message
  • You cannot reactivate someone else’s shortened URL
  • Always try searching directly on YouTube if a shared YouTube link fails

Hopefully this breakdown demystifies this somewhat confusing error! Let me know if you have any other questions.



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