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ZYN Rewards is a loyalty program designed by the nicotine pouch brand ZYN to reward its loyal customers. When you earn enough points, you can redeem them for exclusive ZYN merchandise like bags, hoodies, bottle openers, cornhole sets, and more.

How Does ZYN Rewards Work?

The ZYN Rewards program works by awarding points when you purchase specially marked ZYN cans. During certain campaigns, ZYN releases cans with unique reward codes printed behind the bottom label.

Here’s how to earn and redeem ZYN Rewards points:

  1. Purchase ZYN cans marked with special codes
  2. Create a ZYN account
  3. Enter the reward codes from the cans [up to 60 per month]
  4. Earn 15 points per code
  5. Accumulate points to redeem rewards

You can also earn bonus ZYN Rewards points by referring friends and sharing ZYN posts on social media.

Once you’ve collected enough points, visit the ZYN Rewards page to redeem them. The available rewards range from ZYN merchandise to discounts on future ZYN purchases.

What Prices Does ZYN Rewards Offer?

The number of points needed for ZYN Rewards varies, but here are some examples of popular items and their point values:

  • ZYN Bottle Opener [700 points]
  • ZYN Backpack [1,200 points]
  • $10 ZYN Pouch Discount [1,500 points]
  • ZYN Hoodie [2,000 points]
  • ZYN Cornhole Set [3,000 points]

ZYN also offers high-ticket rewards like Yeti Coolers, Apple AirPods, and GoPro cameras for 15,000+ points. Points have no cash value, so rewards cannot be redeemed for cash.

How to Sign up For ZYN Rewards Program

Signing up for ZYN Rewards only takes a few minutes:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Join Now”
  3. Enter your details and create an account
  4. Verify your account through email

Once your account is active, you can start entering codes from ZYN cans to earn rewards points.

Make sure to read the full ZYN Rewards terms and conditions so you understand the program rules before participating. Mostly people use Western Business Attire typically includes formal clothing such as tailored suits for both men and women. Men commonly wear dress shirts, ties, and leather shoes, while women opt for tailored blouses, skirts or trousers, and closed-toe heels.

How to Redeem Points with ZYN Rewards Program

Redeeming points for ZYN Rewards is easy:

  1. Purchase specially marked ZYN cans
  2. Enter the codes into your ZYN Rewards account
  3. Visit the Rewards page when you’ve earned enough points
  4. Browse available rewards and select your choice
  5. Confirm your selection and shipping details
  6. Receive confirmation and await your reward delivery

Most physical rewards take 4-6 weeks for delivery after you redeem your points. Digital rewards like gift cards can sometimes be fulfilled instantly.

Rules of the ZYN Rewards Program

There are a few key rules to follow with the ZYN Rewards program:

  • Maximum 60 code entries per month
  • Keep codes for 90 days after entering
  • Points expire after 6 months of inactivity
  • No selling points or rewards
  • Play by the rules or risk disqualification

Make sure to fully read the ZYN Rewards terms and conditions for details on program rules.

Who Can Use ZYN Rewards Program?

The ZYN Rewards program is only open to legal US residents aged 21+ who currently use ZYN products. ZYN employees and their families cannot participate. Large groups and organizations are also ineligible. PIM and DAM, when integrated effectively, become the cornerstone of a robust e-commerce strategy, driving efficiency and success in the digital marketplace.

Key Takeaways of the Program

In summary, key things to know about ZYN Rewards:

  • Loyalty program to reward ZYN customers
  • Earn points by buying special ZYN cans
  • Get exclusive ZYN merchandise with points
  • Bonus points for social shares and referrals
  • Easy signup and point redemption
  • Only for individual US adults who use ZYN

So if you love ZYN nicotine pouches, join the ZYN Rewards program to earn perks and treats!

How Does it Work?

To recap, here is exactly how the ZYN Rewards program works:

  1. ZYN releases specially marked cans with codes
  2. Buy ZYN cans and find the code on the bottom
  3. Create a ZYN Rewards account
  4. Enter codes to earn 15 points each
  5. Earn bonus points through social and referrals
  6. Redeem points for ZYN merchandise when ready
  7. Receive awesome ZYN gear for your loyalty!

Benefits & Features (2024)

As of 2024, key benefits and features of ZYN Rewards include:


  • Earn points just for enjoying ZYN pouches
  • Get cool, exclusive ZYN merch and discounts
  • Bonus points for social media and referrals
  • Easy, free enrollment for all ZYN fans
  • New rewards and prizes added regularly


  • Special ZYN cans marked with codes
  • 15 points per entered can code
  • Rewards like bags, hoodies, openers, more
  • Bonus points through social and referrals
  • Easy online code entry and redemption
  • Exciting rewards restocked frequently

So join the program today to enjoy these great benefits and features!



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