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geekzilla podcast

Introduction to the Geekzilla Podcast

The Geekzilla Podcast is a fun, entertaining, and informative podcast that delves into all things tech, science, and geek culture. Hosted by self-proclaimed “geek girl” Dawn Colclasure and her band of quirky co-hosts, the show explores a wide variety of topics from the latest gadgets and technology to science news, space exploration, sci-fi and fantasy, gaming, comics and more.

Overview and History

The Geekzilla Podcast launched in September 2016 as a passion project by Dawn Colclasure, who had previously hosted another podcast called “The Dawn and Drew Show.” Craving a new challenge where she could really embrace her inner geek, Dawn created the Geekzilla Podcast as an outlet to discuss all her favorite geeky topics with like-minded individuals.

Dawn serves as the main host of each episode, with a rotating cast of recurring guest hosts that includes tech experts, writers, gamers, cosplayers, and self-proclaimed geeks. Some of the show’s regular contributors include Dawn’s husband David Colclasure who weighs in on tech and gaming, her friend Christina Kay who shares her cosplay tips and con experiences, writer and podcaster Armand Rosamilia talking horror and sci-fi, and Dawn’s daughter Ashley who provides a younger generation perspective.

Show Format and Content

The Geekzilla Podcast is an audio show typically ranging between 60-90 minutes per episode. The conversational format finds Dawn and that episode’s guest host delving deeply into a particular geek-centric topic, sharing news and commentary, recommendations, personal stories, and insightful discussions. You can use Yabahoo offers simple and friendly interface with basic features for downloading torrents including bandwidth shaping, scheduling, and RSS subscription.

Some sample topics covered on Geekzilla include:

Tech and Video Games

  • The latest tech gadgets, apps, and gaming hardware
  • Updates and impressions on highly anticipated video game releases
  • Tech company rumors, products, and conference coverage
  • Discussing their favorite classic video game titles and memories

Science and Space

  • Mars exploration updates from NASA and SpaceX
  • Developments in AI and robotics technology
  • Astronomy discoveries about stars, black holes, and exoplanets
  • Theories about the UFO phenomenon and possibilities of extraterrestrial life

Movies, TV and Fandoms

  • Reviews of new superhero, fantasy and sci-fi films and shows
  • Breakdowns of plotlines and easter eggs found in their favorite franchises
  • Attending conventions like ComicCon and Star Trek Las Vegas
  • Cosplay tips, favorite costumes, and convention experiences

Comics and Books

  • The latest comic book movie adaptation announcements
  • What new sci-fi or fantasy novels they’re reading
  • Rediscovering old geek literature that influenced them growing up
  • Writer interviews about developing geeky worlds and characters

No matter the specific topic, the vibe of Geekzilla episodes is always fun, upbeat, curious and celebratory of all things geeky or unique. The engaging back-and-forth between Dawn and friends allows listeners to share in the enthusiasm and passions of fellow geeks.

Why Listen to The Geekzilla Podcast?

geekzilla podcast

For self-proclaimed geeks, nerds, gamers, or anyone fascinated by topics outside the mainstream, the Geekzilla Podcast delivers engaging commentary you won’t get anywhere else. Some key reasons to subscribe:

An Authentic Geek Culture Experience

Too often geek-related media comes across as inauthentic, relying on caricatures. But the hosts of Geekzilla live and breathe this culture every day, speaking as genuine enthusiasts. Hear their authentic excitement when a new comic book movie is announced, or frustrations when tech companies make anti-consumer choices. The unfiltered discussions make listeners feel like they’re sitting around chatting with friends.

Positive and Uplifting Tone

While many critics and pundits on podcasts and YouTube channels rely on snark, nitpicking, and rage-bait, the Geekzilla Podcast chooses a more positive route. The hosts rather spend their time sharing what they love about geeky media and news versus what they hate. This creates a more enjoyable, upbeat listening experience for audiences.

A Sense of Community

In a world where “geek” media and culture is more popular than ever, many geeky fans still feel left out of that conversation or talked down to by mainstream voices. Geekzilla provides a judgment-free community where comic fans, gamers, cosplayers and self-identified geeks can share their passion without ridicule. Listeners discover they are not alone in their obscure fandoms.

Dawn Colclasure Herself

As the show’s creator and lead host, Dawn Colclasure stands out with her warm, playful personality combined with her intelligence and wit. With decades of experience writing about the geek world, Dawn brings strong insight into each topic. And her infectious laugh and self-deprecating humor means listeners always feel like Dawn is their close friend. Tuning in to hang with Dawn herself makes subscribing worthwhile.

How to Listen and Support

Fans can listen to the Geekzilla Podcast for free across all major podcast platforms and apps including Kokoa TV, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Android, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and more. New 60-90 minutes episodes release every 2 weeks on Wednesdays.

Listeners can financially support the show via the Patreon crowdfunding platform which unlocks bonus episodes and extra perks. Additionally fans can support Geekzilla by leaving positive reviews, rating the show, sharing episodes on social media, or purchasing official branded merch.

Conclusion of geekzilla podcast

For over 150 episodes and counting since 2016, the Geekzilla Podcast stands out as a welcoming, insightful, and always fun gateway into the world of geeky pop culture and technology. Host Dawn Colclasure and this band of enthusiastic contributors invite listeners to join their community, share in the passionate conversations, and embrace what makes you geek out every day. Tune into Geekzilla for the authentic fandom experience you crave.



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