Picnob: An Easier Way to Create Beautiful Photo Books


Introduction to Picnob

Picnob is a new online platform that allows users to easily create, customize, print, and ship personalized photo books. The site launched in 2023 and has quickly become popular for its user-friendly interface and high-quality printed products.

What is Picnob?

Picnob is a user-generated content platform focused on photo books. It provides an easy-to-use online editing tool that allows customers to transform their photos into professional-quality printed memory books.

Some key things to know about Picnob:

  • Cloud-based editing software for building custom photo books
  • Options for hardcover and softcover bindings
  • Various book sizes from small square books up to 12×12 inch layouts
  • Automatic photo enhancement and layout suggestions
  • Creative design templates and embellishments to customize pages
  • Direct printing and binding ensures high print quality
  • Books shipped directly to the customer’s door

How Picnob Photo Books Work

The Picnob process is designed to be simple for beginners while still providing plenty of creative options for experienced users.

To start, customers upload their photos to the site. The image upload supports common formats like JPG, PNG, and TIFF up to a resolution of 300dpi. Videos can also be transformed into animated GIFs and inserted.

Next, the user selects a book size and orientation. Layouts range from 7×7 inches up to 12×12 inches. Both portrait and landscape orientations are available. Softcover and hardcover bindings can be chosen depending on budget and durability needs.

The user then selects one of the dozens of design templates categorized by theme. Each professionalty designed template provides automatic layouts and coordinated fonts/embellishments that match the aesthetic. The automated design suggestions make page creation fast and foolproof.

Customers can fully customize each page by rearranging, adding, or deleting photos from the template’s suggested layouts. Picnob’s editing tools allow for zooming, rotating, filtering, and enhancing images without needing any advanced photo editing expertise. Creative embellishments like frames, stickers, and backgrounds can be layered on. Text captions can be added using a variety of cursive, playful, or formal fonts.

Once the book is designed, the user can reorder pages via drag-and-drop and finalize any advanced book settings like dust jackets or photo printing techniques. After reviewing a realistic 3D preview, the order can be placed for production and shipping.

Benefits of Using Picnob

There are many reasons Picnob has become a popular service for converting digital photos into tangible printed memories. Some major benefits include:

Easy-to-Use Editing Software

Picnob stands out for its intuitively designed editing interface. The software is hosted online so there is no need to download bulky programs. Simple drag-and-drop tools make it easy to artistically arrange photos without any design experience required. Hands-on editing gives users creative control compared to automated services. Kokoa TV is a streaming platform offering diverse content catering to global audiences.

Quality & Choice in Printing Options

Picnob offers high-end printing with color-accurate reproductions. They use precision printers and presses so colors are vibrant and details look sharp. Users have options like professional Fuji crystal archive paper or lustre, metallic, and black & white specialty prints. Hardcover books have durable Italian linen covers in various colors.

Creative Design Templates & Embellishments

The software guides you through layouts with templates tailored to every occasion and style. Just choose templates for weddings, travel, family, babies and more. Enhance pages with graphics like floral frames, flags, stickers symbols and ribbons. Animated GIF images can also be inserted for interactive elements.

Convenient Direct Order Fulfillment

Picnob produces and ships every order directly from their printing facilities. Books do not pass through any third-party provider. Automated processes ensure quick turnaround times between ordering and delivery. Shipping is free for all users.

Ideal Uses for Picnob Photo Books

Picnob’s photo books make wonderful gifts or keepsakes for all kinds of special events and memory collections. Some of the most popular uses include:

Wedding Albums

Let your favorite shots from pre-wedding parties, the ceremony, and reception live on in an elegant album. Preserve vow moments, portraits with family/bridal parties, and candid fun.

Baby & Childhood Keepsakes

Slow your little ones from growing up too fast by compiling photos from each year into birthday memory books. Share baby’s first with grandparents.

Travel & Vacation Souvenirs

Remember the sights and discoveries of your trips in travel books. Capture landscapes, food you ate, lodging, and cultural moments with locals. Great for adventurous trips, cruises, or relaxing beach getaways. Geekzilla Podcast explores the latest in geek culture with insightful discussions and entertaining banter.

Pet & Animal Tributes

Animal lovers can edit playful pet books starring their cats, dogs, and other furry friends. Collage your favorite pictures of your pocket pets over the years. Ideal for memorial books to look back fondly after a pet passes on.

Special Events & Holidays

Look back on the year’s most exciting times with holiday books featuring your favorite photos. Pages can compile the year’s biggest events like reunions, graduations, anniversaries and birthdays.

How Much Do Picnob Books Cost?

As a custom printed product, the final cost of Picnob books depends on your precise book size, length, special printing options, and binding choice. In general, standard softcover books start around $15-$20 USD while hardcover books range from $35-$70 USD before shipping.

Some variables that influence pricing:

  • Book Dimensions: The base price adjusts with your selected width/height, which can vary from 7-inch small squares up to panorama books or large 12×12 layouts. Books with more pages or bigger dimensions cost more.
  • Book Length: Each 20-page section adds to the book’s length cost. Standard books hold 20 to 80 photos, but longer books with up to 200 pages can be ordered.
  • Premium Print Upgrades: Special printing finishes (lustre, metallic), thick specialty papers (Fuji crystal archive), or layflat binding allow pages to fully open 360-degrees add a premium.
  • Hardcover vs. Soft Cover: The same book as a hardcover costs $15-$30 more for thicker binding and back/front case wraps. But they tend to last longer over time.

Customers should order 10-15 extra copies for grandparents, friends, keepsakes, and future years. Bulk discounts of up to 50% off are offered on reorders of five or more identical copies.

Using Picnob Software to Make Photo Books


The built-in Picnob software makes it easier than ever for beginners to design and order custom photo books. But what is the process actually like?

This step-by-step walkthrough covers getting started, uploading photos, working with templates, editing tools, and ordering physical books through Picnob.

Getting Started with an Account

First things first, you will need to sign-up for a free Picnob account before designing. Just provide an email and password to register on The email is used to contact you about orders.

After logging in, you will be taken to the editor dashboard. Here you can start new projects, access previous drafts, and place orders. An activity view shows you orders in progress across all devices.

Any saved projects are synced between web browsers. You can design part of a book on desktop, then switch to mobile to tweak a few pages on lunch break without missing a beat.

Uploading Photos

Click “Create a New Photo Book” then you can upload photos from your computer, cloud storage, or mobile camera roll. Common image file types are supported including JPG, TIFF and PNG.

Drag and drop photos for easy bulk uploads to the book. Images can also be rearranged later during editing so it does not matter much what order they upload in. Just get all your favorites and candid memories in there!

The platform holds images at high resolution so they look crisp when printed. You can upload thousands of photos with storage available for over 1GB per book.

Choosing Book Specs

First, establish your ideal book’s physical size and dimensions. Choose from 7-inch smallest sizes to panorama layouts or large 12×12 inch pages. Options to select portrait or landscape page orientation are here too.

This helps automatically fit image boxes and sizes for each template during editing. Hardcover and softcover choices change the final cost estimate but can be swapped anytime.

Working With Design Templates

The most unique part of Picnob is the professionally made design templates to instantly style beautiful layouts. Each template has coordinated fonts, color schemes, and graphic elements that match the theme or occasion like travel, weddings, babies.

It is still easy to customize further to your personal taste even after choosing a template. But they provide a wonderful head start for amateurs overwhelmed by blank canvases!

There are so many gorgeous themes. Browse top picks like seasonal themes around Christmas or Halloween celebrations. Or maybe a typography-focused template provides the perfect backdrop for special quotes and meaningful passages you want to feature beside photos.

If you change your mind or want to try a totally different creative direction – no problem! Templates can be swapped out with a couple clicks at any



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