The Important Role of an Immigration Lawyer

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An immigration lawyer plays a crucial role in helping immigrants navigate the complex immigration system. With changing laws and intricate paperwork, hiring an immigration attorney is important when applying for a visa, green card, citizenship, or fighting deportation. Here’s an in-depth look at exactly what immigration lawyers do and why they are so valuable.

What is an Immigration Lawyer?

An best immigration lawyer is a licensed attorney who specializes in the field of immigration law. Unlike other types of lawyers, immigration attorneys focus specifically on representing clients who need legal services related to immigrating temporarily or permanently to the United States.

Some of the typical clients an immigration lawyer works with include:

  • Foreign individuals seeking temporary work or student visas
  • Family members immigrating through family-sponsored visas
  • Employees transferred to the U.S. by international companies
  • Refugees and asylum seekers
  • Undocumented immigrants seeking a path to legal status
  • Lawful permanent residents applying for U.S. citizenship

An immigration lawyer handles all legal aspects of the immigration process for their clients. This includes completing forms, communicating with governmental agencies, and representing clients in immigration court hearings.

Top Responsibilities of an Immigration Attorney

Immigration lawyers handle a wide variety of responsibilities for their clients. Here are some of the top things an immigration attorney does:

Advise Clients on Immigration Options

The first thing an immigration lawyer will do is have an in-depth consultation with a client to understand their situation and goals. The lawyer then explores immigration options and explains the requirements, documents needed, costs and timelines associated with each avenue. They advise the client on the best course of action for their circumstances.

Prepare Visa Petitions and Applications

One of the immigration lawyer’s top jobs is diligently preparing and submitting visa petitions and green card/citizenship applications on behalf of clients. This includes thoroughly reviewing documents, filling out complex forms, writing letters of support, and compiling evidence to meet each application requirement.

Represent Clients in Immigration Court

Immigration attorneys represent clients in court hearings before immigration judges. They advocate for their client, present evidence, call witnesses, and argue why their client should be allowed to stay in the U.S. or obtain status. The lawyer ensures proper immigration protocols are followed throughout the proceedings.

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Communicate with Government Agencies

Immigration lawyers routinely correspond with governmental agencies like USCIS and embassies regarding client petitions and applications. They inquire about case status, request evidence transfers, appeal unfavorable decisions, and handle any requests for additional client documentation.

Manage Client Expectations

Managing client expectations is a big part of an immigration lawyer’s role. Immigration cases often take years for resolutions and decisions. The lawyer gives realistic time estimates and helps clients understand next steps in their complex cases. They also explain legal fees and boundaries of the attorney-client relationship.

Why Hire an Immigration Attorney?

Why Hire an Immigration Attorney?

Trying to handle immigration application processes without an experienced immigration lawyer is extremely unwise. U.S. immigration law is second only to tax law in its complexity. Rules and government fees change often, and applications frequently contain errors leading to delays or denials. Just a small mistake can sabotage your chances for success and land you in removal proceedings. Here are key reasons every immigrant should retain legal services:

You Avoid Costly Errors
Filing applications and petitions correctly the first time saves you significant money and headaches. An immigration attorney expertly handles the process to prevent mistakes or omissions that will require resubmissions and duplicate fees.

You Get Advice Tailored to Your Situation
Every person’s immigration case is unique. An immigration lawyer thoroughly evaluates your situation, history and family relationships to craft tailored recommendations and sound filing strategies. Online information cannot replace customized legal advice.

You Have an Advocate in Your Corner
Navigating the immigration legal system alone leaves you powerless. An immigration lawyer fiercely advocates on your behalf with immigration officials. They leverage experience negotiating favorable outcomes for clients whenever possible.

You Receive Peace of Mind
The high stakes of immigration cases bring incredible stress and uncertainty. Working with a compassionate, ethical immigration lawyer allows you and your family to rest easier. You can focus on your daily life knowing your case is in the hands of a dedicated professional.

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Connect with a Trusted Immigration Lawyer Today

Immigrating to a foreign country is difficult, but the right immigration lawyer guides you through the process with expertise and care. They stay on top of emerging regulations so you don’t have to. If you need any assistance with an employment visa, family-based green card application, naturalization petition or other immigration matter, meet with a qualified immigration attorney for a consultation. With an lawyer, you can feel confident your case will have the strongest chances for approval.



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