All About Trails Carolina Investigation 2024

Trails Carolina Investigation

Trails Carolina “Investigation” Reveals Troubling Findings

Trails Carolina is a wilderness therapy program and boarding school located in North Carolina that aims to help teens struggling with issues like addiction, defiance towards authority, or other behavioral problems. However, an investigation into allegations of abuse at Trails Carolina Investigation has revealed very concerning findings.

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Allegations of Abuse at Trails Carolina

Over the years, many disturbing allegations of abuse have emerged from former students of Trails Carolina. These allegations include:

  • Physical abuse by staff
  • Students being forcibly restrained and left for hours
  • Emotional abuse through humiliation tactics
  • Deprivation of food and sleep
  • Unsanitary and unsafe living conditions

In light of these allegations, local authorities and investigators have taken a closer look at the controversial wilderness program.

Investigation Finds Evidence to Support Allegations Against Trails Carolina

An extensive investigation into Trails Carolina was conducted between 2018-2020. The aim was to uncover whether there was any truth to the abuse allegations made against the wilderness therapy program.

Unfortunately, the investigation conclusions found substantial evidence to corroborate many of the students’ claims of maltreatment.

1: Physical Abuse

Trails Carolina Investigation found credible evidence confirming students’ accounts of being subjected to uncontrolled and excessive physical restraints. This sometimes resulted in injury.

There were also multiple documented incidents were staff hit, punched, kicked and threw students to the ground.

2: Emotional Abuse

The humiliating actions alleged by students were also confirmed through staff reports and statements. Interviews with former students detailed disturbing emotional abuse through verbal attacks, social isolation, and extreme punishment for minor infractions.

3: Deprivation

Claims of being deprived of adequate nutrition, sleeping facilities and proper clothing were also validated by investigators. Footage and records indicated students were frequently denied food and beds as a form of punishment.

4: Unsanitary Conditions

As described by many students, the investigation found evidence that living quarters and areas at the Trails Carolina camp were extremely unsanitary. Students were prone to sickness due to lack of proper shelter and poor hygiene standards.

Trails Carolina Shut Down in 2020

Trails Carolina Investigation

Shortly after the investigation conclusions in 2020, North Carolina authorities suspended and closed down Trails Carolina. The evidence of systemic abuse at the wilderness therapy camp was too much to ignore.

Trails Carolina is no longer allowed to operate as a therapeutic boarding school for teens due to the shocking violations uncovered. The founders of the wilderness program also face criminal charges for permitting the abuse of vulnerable youth in their care.

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Ongoing Investigations into the Troubled Teen Industry

The whole investigation process has also created more awareness of the spike in claims of abuse at private therapeutic programs across the U.S.

It has encouraged more in-depth investigations into the industry standards and regulations around operating this type of secluded teen behavior modification program.

Many activists are now saying stronger national laws need to be passed to prevent exploitation and maltreatment occurring in the name of therapy. Families are also being advised to conduct thorough research before sending their teens into any wilderness camp or boarding school.

The Trails Carolina investigation indicates that parents cannot rely solely on state accreditation or licensing to guarantee the safety of a program. It’s clear much deeper scrutiny of the troubled teen industry is warranted to enforce better accountability across the board.

Hopefully the closure of Trails Carolina marks the start of increased vigilance, auditing and reporting to provide better oversight and youth protection in similar therapeutic environments elsewhere. No child or teen should suffer humiliation, deprivation or physical harm especially when enrolled for care, counseling or mentorship.

Final Words on Trails Carolina “Investigation”

The traumatic discoveries in the Trails Carolina case seriously undermine the public’s trust in the troubled teen sector. There is still a long way to go before parents, authorities and activists will be satisfied there are adequate safety rules and enforcement to prevent institutional abuse occurring.

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Ongoing cooperation between state agencies, law enforcement, watchdog groups and past program participants will be vital to uncovering any other cases where therapeutic services are disguising intentional abuse. It’s only through transparency, accountability and commitment to young people’s welfare that the troubled teen industry can begin to repair its reputation.



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